Sunday, April 16, 2006

Two Jews, three opinions: PT's survey of preferred ways to run a Seder (& while you're there, check out the Four Bloggers)

Mark/PT asked:

"Which do you prefer:

Does one person read the whole thing?

Do you say it all together?

Do you go around the table and take turns?

English, Hebrew, or Aramaic?

I ask because for 18 years now this has been a clash of cultures at our Seder table. My wife's family reads the whole thing together, in Hebrew, without translating (or taking breaths).

In my family, maybe because my Father can't read or understand Hebrew, my Mother and I (and the sisters) would take turns reading and translating. And I've always prefered that method. It does take a little longer though. Is there any source to back up one approach vs. the other?"

He got 31 answers. "T'ze u-l'mad: Go and study" (says she, quoting directly from the Haggadah :) ).

And while you're there, check out his post "The Four Bloggers." :)


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